Argentina, Uruguay (and Brasil)

In April and May I spent some time in Argentina. After enjoying the great city of Buenos Aires for some days, I travelled to Uruguay (Colonia de Sacramento and Montevideo) with Fabian and his parents. Then Fabian and myself went to Bariloche and the surrounding area for a week to see some lakes, mountains and experience the real autumn for a change, which you don't have in Namibia. After Fabian left, Nina came from Switzerland to join me in exploring the country a bit further. We went to Iguazu to see the impressive waterfalls from the Argentinian and Brazilian side. Next we travelled to Salta and further in the Andes until almost reaching the Bolivian border. Finally, it was time to go back to Buenios Aires and return to Namibia. Here are the pictures.

Buenos Aires:

buenos aires1.jpg buenos aires10.jpg buenos aires11.jpg buenos aires2.jpg buenos aires3.jpg buenos aires4.jpg
buenos aires5.jpg buenos aires6.jpg buenos aires7.jpg buenos aires8.jpg buenos aires9.jpg buenos aires12.jpg
buenos aires13.jpg buenos aires14.jpg


uruguay1.jpg uruguay10.jpg uruguay11.jpg uruguay12.jpg uruguay2.jpg uruguay3.jpg
uruguay4.jpg uruguay5.jpg uruguay6.jpg uruguay7.jpg uruguay8.jpg uruguay9.jpg


bariloche1.jpg bariloche10.jpg bariloche11.jpg bariloche12.jpg bariloche13.jpg bariloche14.jpg
bariloche15.jpg bariloche16.jpg bariloche2.jpg bariloche3.jpg bariloche4.jpg bariloche5.jpg
bariloche6.jpg bariloche7.jpg bariloche8.jpg bariloche9.jpg


iguazu1.jpg iguazu2.jpg iguazu3.jpg iguazu4.jpg
iguazu5.jpg iguazu6.jpg
iguazu7.jpg iguazu8.jpg jesuiten1.jpg jesuiten2.jpg

Salta and the Andes:

salta1.jpg salta10.jpg salta11.jpg salta12.jpg salta13.jpg salta14.jpg
salta15.jpg salta16.jpg salta17.jpg salta18.jpg salta19.jpg salta2.jpg
salta20.jpg salta21.jpg salta22.jpg salta23.jpg salta24.jpg salta3.jpg
salta4.jpg salta5.jpg salta6.jpg salta7.jpg salta8.jpg salta9.jpg
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